Arma Acropolis


Immediately north-west of the village of Arma is an elevated settlement site, provisionally identified as ancient Eleon. Our collection of surface material here suggests three major phases of activity: Late Bronze Age, late Classical-Hellenistic, and Ottoman.

The most impressive built feature at the site is a well preserved stretch of Lesbian polygonal masonry that follows an unusual, curved path. The wall measures over 70 meters in length and is preserved in some parts to a height of 5 meters. Given the relative absence of Archaic ceramics and the high concentrations of black-glazed pottery with highly articulated profiles, this major construction project was most likely carried out in the later Classical period.

The settlement of this era may well be connected with this site known as Eleon, described by geographers such as Strabo and Pausanias and also listed among the Boeotian cities in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships.