Photographic Evidence Part II

by Genevieve Hill
The internet connection here is spotty, so we try to keep uploads and downloads brief. We should be spending most of our computer time doing data entry, but as this is my day off I thought I’d give you another dose of pictorial blogging. Enjoy!
LT after pot washing


The cistern at Mycenae


Yoghurt & Honey face mask


Also good for burns


Small Pick


Sweet sweet shade


100% sieving


Sheep convoy


Making way for the total station


Shade styles


MC Queen of Snacks








EA explains…


Schimatari museum


Inscriptions at Schimatari


The hats of Eleon


Early days on the wall trench


SB before the rubble.




View south.


Make do and mend.


Graffiti in Athens. Hambone, this one’s for you.


SN washing pots in the garden.


Nafplion from our hotel room on a weekend away.


Across the water.


MMacD & SB at the Lion Gate, Mycenae.


NF, MMacD, and SB at Mycenae.


Grave Circle A? B? Z?


HB and a bit of NF.


MB & MMacD in uniform.


MMacD & RPA on the backside of Mycenae.


For serious…


The sun shade at Tiryns that everyone drooled over.




Tiryns bloody great walls.


Best gaol in Greece. Nafplion.


Nafplion at sunset.




NF and a bit of Bellows watching the Greece – Germany game.


SB contemplating masks from Tiryns.


Officiants at the Nemean games.




Some chap looking stylish.


Officiant taking tokens.




More racing….


Announcer announcing.


Victor. Looked like a young Borat.


Cafe table in Nafplion.


NF advertising for Metaxa.


EBAP enjoying the ice cold spring at Stymphalia.


EBAP wishing we had a similar spring.


Lake Stymphalos.


The keyhole structure and fountain house at Stymphalos.


Taking points at Eleon.


MMacD picking.


Too hot for gloves.




MN – wall master.


TVD advertising for Zaros water.


EM showing us how to do flotation.


Everyone doing flotation.

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