Top 5: Tools in the Trenches

by Sam Bartlett
1. The Handpick 
Ah, the handiest pick of the bunch. Here Morgan models this light-weight miniature pick-axe which provides the common archaeologist with a more controlled, precise swing. This little tool is not just known for its cute looks and sensible size! It can often be seen in smaller, more delicate areas and can be helpful in cleaning and defining features or taking down a course.


2. Tiny Tools
 Gen is showing us (from left to right) Sticky Thingy, Tiny Trowel, and Pokey Thingy. And yes, those are the technical terms. These bad boys are used for the smaller work that the larger tools just can’t do. For example picking tiny clumps of dirt off various types of vessels, for a non-scratching removal process. These tiny tools can be an archaeologist’s best friends during an in-field “OH MY GOSH LOOK WHAT I FOUND” moment!


3. The Big-Pick (and a water bottle) 
These professional male models are demonstrating two key aspects of archaeology: Hydration and one of the most important tools if you want to move a lot of dirt. The big-pick (aka ‘Kazma’) is a high demand item on the EBAP site and is one that can do a lot of damage to large areas of dirt. It’s Vangilis’s weapon of choice and if wielded correctly (which can take some practice) can be a highly  profitable tool in terms of digging and also as new fun way to get out some anger issues.


4. The Triangle ( ‘Trigonaki’)  
As Haley is murderously showing us, the triangle can be a dangerous little tool if left carelessly in a trench. With its sharp edges and pointy ends it is the perfect tool for straightening edges and clearing extra dirt away. All in all it is a favourite tool of many archaeologists! So much so Gen bought some in Greece to bring back to Canada, as they are a hidden treasure in the field of archaeology.



5. Wheelbarrow (‘ Karotzi’)
These babies will haul just about anything as long as you are willing to push! And they come in fun colours! Fill ’em up with dirt and you too can contribute to the giant dirt pile that has become a defining feature of the EBAP site. And though grimacing looks are given to every full wheelbarrow, every EBAPer would agree that muscle and character can be built with these handy tools.

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