Photographic Evidence III

by Genevieve Hill
The last photoblog of the season. When time and place shall serve I’ll post some photos from past seasons. For now, here’s what we’ve been up to in our last week.

MM: contortionist


KS – trench Yoga


Mitrou comes to call




G drawing


V making shade


MB and Loc.9


Bones and pots


Flotation samples




Looking northwest to the tower


View from the south


MB and KS lecture on bones


Attentive students




Our bones


Odd bones




NW B2c


SB sweeping


MC cleaning


RBB pleased with something


TVD’s gonna getcha




Canadian Ambassador’s turtle
JB taking a well deserved dip


MB – chuffed.


KS’s delicious thingies.


BEB pontificating at the Ambassador’s pad


The Gazi crowd


MM as a dying poet


Antikythera sculpture


Devoured by the sea


Beardy… some things cannot be destroyed.


The mechanism.



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