Rain Day

by Jack Vernon
Yesterday started out promising with a few clouds in the sky and the sun visible. The weather quickly turned however and it started raining. Since it also rained two days ago, the ground became wet and muddy very quickly. This meant that we were unable to work in the trenches so we went down to the town’s café for our break. This was quite a long break since it rained for quite a while and Brendan and Bryan needed to decide what to do with everyone. A few of us started a game of Monopoly. After a while the rain let up so a few of us went back to the site to continue with some digging while the rest of the group went to the Apotheke to help the others who were already down there. Those who went to the Apotheke helped draw some of the pottery fragments that we have found, while up at the site we continued digging the two new trenches until it started raining again. We quickly packed all the tools up before they got soaked and went to the Apotheke as well. At the Apotheke we were given a lesson on how to draw the pottery fragments by Tina and how it is possible to figure out the diameter of a vessel simply from a small fragment of the rim. Since the rain wasn’t letting up this time, most of us returned to the house for lunch and the rest of the day off while a few stayed at the Apotheke to continue working. Hopefully the weather improves so we can continue our digging.

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