Final Week

We had a great weekend thanks fully to the Canadian Ambassador to Greece and Allison Stewart who invited us to the Ambassador’s residence for a pool party with another Canadian team, the Western Argolid Research Project.The barbecue and the pool gave us all a great break before we start our final full week of work. We are truly VERY grateful!
This coming week will involve several final projects to get full clarity on issues of chronology – when certain structures and features were constructed. If we can’t get an exact date at least we will try to figure out the building history – what was built before what. We also want to figure out the function of a few of our more interesting features. 
We will also prepare the site for our final season event. On Thursday, July 10, at 7:30 pm we will host anyone in the area for an Open House.Our team will be on hand for people from the town of Arma and elsewhere to visit, see our results and ask questions about what we’ve found. We did this last year and found that it was a great opportunity to create a dialogue with the people who live in the area. Over the year, while we’re back in North America, we rely on our friends here in Boeotia to keep on eye on the site.  
Below are some photos from the end of last week. We know this coming week, like all the others, will be better than the last. 

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