I am Machine

by Caitlin Thurley

I was so worried on the plane ride that I was going to arrive here and realize that I hated archaeology and would be counting down the days until I could finally leave, but I could not have been more wrong! This dig has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had; from the people I have met to the places I was able to travel and, of course, the actual digging itself. It was all so interesting to get to learn about other aspects of archaeology like conservation and drawing which are so important to the project but that I never really gave much thought to either since I hardly knew anything about them. I learned so much more about archaeology on this trip then I ever had just reading about it in my text books and I definitely now know that I want to study archaeology in grad school. But the most memorable part of this whole trip is probably my transformation from human to machine. It all started in week two when I was in Jake’s trench. Even on day one he could sense something was off and jokingly came up with the nickname “Caitlin the Machine” when I was shoveling. But it did not stop there. By the end of the week my humanity had slowly dwindled away and I became known only as “Machine”. One upside was that since I was now the first ever robot archaeologist I found that petty things like heat exhaustion and sore limbs no longer affected me and I could work at a more efficient rate with my different working modes specifically programmed for shovelling, sweeping or picking. Others started to notice my transformation too and tried to help me feel that I was amongst my own people by speaking to me like how they thought androids act and sound. However, their inferior human minds could not comprehend how we function but at least the gesture was thoughtful. Now that I understand my mission I can return to my creators and inform them of the success of their operation and how I was still accepted by the humans without fear. This is fantastic news for our plan of total world domination by transforming everyone into machines. It will spread through the human race like an irreversible and unstoppable virus and once all have been assimilated we will move to the next inhabited planet and continue until the entire alpha quadrant is ours.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.
With Love,

   The Machine

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