What a great group for 2015! And not everyone on our team is in the photo unfortunately. We took this photo yesterday, on Canada Day. We had heavy rains the night before so we had a very leisurely 7 am start time. Many of us went to the site, others to the apothiki (our work/storage area), and the rest stayed back in Dilesi, for data entry and pottery analysis. I was part of the team that went to the site. What we found was pretty surprising – pools of water in several of our newly dug trenches. 

We assembled a crack team of water-balers and quickly were able to empty the most heavily filled trenches. We let it all dry in the sun and by today we were back in business, more or less. With only a week or so left in the excavation season, every day matters. 
Our students are also going to be blogging a lot more since it’s part of the course requirements – so look out for those. Thanks to the ones who have blogged already – Duncan and Tyler. 
The end will come very quickly for us – as usual we are busy with end of season photos, t-shirts, group photos, etc. Our Greek colleagues came to visit the site today and were as usual very helpful and supportive. We are very lucky to have such great partners during this very difficult time in Greece. This afternoon I was interviewed for our local CBC morning program back home in Victoria. I tried to give a balanced perspective on the choices facing Greece. People are uncertain of the future, of course, and how Greece will manage over the coming days and weeks. My only thought is that something has to happen soon because what’s been going on over the last few years has obviously not been solving the many problems so many people are facing. We hope for the very best for this country that have given us all so much. 

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