EBAP 2016: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

After six hard weeks of work (from May 30-July 9) we can report that 2016 was a great a success at ancient Eleon. We had a very good team of dedicated students and scholars often working 14 hour days in the field and apotheke. A preliminary report of our results will be forthcoming, first to our Greek colleagues in the Ephorate of Boeotian Antiquities and to the Canadian Institute in Greece. We will also present our work at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in January 2017, this year in Toronto.

The site in Arma is now thoroughly covered and protected for the winter. We are already making preparations to return in May 2017 to continue this important research. In 2016 we made some very exciting discoveries and were able to answer some significant questions, but, as often happens with research projects like ours, the work has resulted in new, intriguing questions.

Our project is highly dependent on external funding. We welcome donations from individuals and institutions who are interested in supporting our research of the Greek past. Donations also go a long way toward supporting dedicated students from Canada and the US who gain valuable work experience with us, excavating, cataloguing, and studying newly uncovered artifacts. Our project provides transferable skills and prepares people for a whole range of careers. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Brendan Burke (bburke@uvic.ca) or Bryan Burns (bburns@wellesley.edu).  Thanks for reading – see you in 2017!

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