"Nikos- rest. One minute."

by Nick Falzon
Kalispera. I would like to begin my first blog post by quoting my fellow UVic excavator Max Macdonald: “It’s nearly one week into my first archaeological dig and I still haven’t needed my whip or six shooter AND Angelina Jolie is nowhere to be found.”  While Max and I are naturally distraught that Angelina has yet to make an appearance at ancient Eleon, I can safely say that excavating has been an enriching experience for all involved.  So far I have worked in three trenches, gained some know-how with basic archaeological tools, and learned a bit about the methodology of excavating.  I have also had the pleasure of working with Vangelis, the senior half of our père et fils team of Greek workmen.  You will no doubt hear more about Vangelis and all of his Greek wisdom from my trench-mate, Sam Bartlett.  Though, I will tell you that the most common phrase he directs at me is, “Nikos- rest. One minute.” He and his son Angelos have been a very welcome addition to the EBAP team! Through the first couple weeks of the EBAP field school we have learned so much: to take points and elevations, to properly wield trowels, pickaxes, and hoes, to hydrate and avoid the full wrath of the sun, and to identify pottery sherds (with varying degrees of accuracy).  Most importantly though, we all know that if you have been bitten by a snake, you should keep calm and promptly remove your pants.

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