Photographic Evidence Part 1

by Genevieve Hill

It’s been a busy four weeks here. So busy that we haven’t blogged nearly so much as we should have. In honour of the end of the fourth week I have decided to post some photos that will give you a good idea of the kind of work we’ve been doing. Of course, none of the photos can capture the heat, the dust, the humidity of our site, nor can you feel the mosquitoes or the burns (which are thankfully few). I can’t show you any specifics – you’ll have to wait for the publication. For now, feast your eyes on the 2012 EBAP team and their labours.

KS cleaning last year’s trench


JB and MP clearing the site. Last year this was a scythe.


LT supplementing snack.


TVD – the bandana binder.


SB oversees the clearing.




Removing topsoil near the wall.


South view


View to the NW. Our only shade.


TVD keeping records like a boss.


SB clearing. Nobody can escape weed pulling.
RBB at break.


Trench tours.


Our weapons.

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