Week One in quick Review

We’ve made amazing progress on-site. Anyone who came by last week wouldn’t recognize our excavation area. With lots of work from lots of people, the prickles and thorns and weeds have nearly all been removed, the back-fill dirt has been cleared and the protective tarps have been lifted. The project is humming along in record time. After a rain delay Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday we are now back in the thick of it all.
We now have 7 excavation areas with our guest-supervisor, Nick Blackwell here for a few days. He’s taking time off from his ASCSA job to work with us. It’s always great when people take time off of their paying jobs to come ‘work’ for us during their vacations. Debra Nadal is also doing this with us.
Today, Saturday, was a shorter day – we work until 12, rather than the normal 1:30. We call it a half-day, but obviously our math skills aren’t quite right. Everyone will have the afternoon off and all day tomorrow for the beach, exploring, or just resting. We’ll start again early Monday morning.

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