Week Two begins

This week begins without an internet connection in our main house. It’s hoped that the problem will be fixed by Wednesday. On site, Monday was a great day full of progress. We arrived to a surprisingly muddy and wet site – rains overnight were heavy in Arma. Everyone was well prepared though. We began with brief trench tours from the site supervisors to see what was happening and where things were going. Students were divided randomly (mostly) into new dig teams so that everyone has varied experience. The Northwest area is coming into very good order with the appearance of sizable walls. The Southwest is expanding eastward, extending our very first trench on site (SWB3b, always very dear to me) to the north.  This will be adjacent to the area around the smaller site tree (which we are NOT going to remove). Work around the tree is a little tricky but our supervisors are doing a great job removing lots of rubble and revealing interesting surfaces. The finds are becoming more consistent with a more intact stratigraphy. In the Southeast, this slightly remote trench is working hard to expose a variety of large blocks that we presume makes some kind of platform or bastion. To me, this is really interesting work. 

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