Week One 2016

Our first week of work for the 2016 season concluded yesterday. Returnees and new-comers to the project are all settling in very well to our daily routines. We depart from Dilesi as the sun is rising over Euboea. Our caravan is made up of four cars and one van. The routes to the site vary but take about 20-25 minutes. Nearly all of us listen to the local, eclectic radio station (FM95, N-R-G). Some bring breakfast with them for the commute.


On site we number at least 20 people and the first hour or so is spent getting the tools out and equipment set up. Applying sunscreen is also a must. Trench supervisors are mapping out their day’s work, making tags and labeling buckets for the daily finds. Currently we are concentrating our work in two trenches with about five to six students in each. Our architect arrived late last week and came directly from the airport to the site, after a transatlantic (Toronto-Athens) flight! Her dedication and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all.

In the apotheke – our processing and storage area – our team works to conserve finds and study the various deposits of ceramics. We also have our drawing and digital Eleon teamsĀ located there as well. Photographic Evidence Part II

Our on-site workday ends around 1:15 when we break for lunch in the village. This is prepared for us by our incredibly helpful partner, Stavroula and her family. The food is always delicious and traditionally Greek. Most pile back into the cars and we return to Dilesi for a few hours of rest and relaxation. Some swim, others nap.

Work resumes at 5 pm for sherd washing and processing and other necessary parts of excavation life. We work until about 7 pm, have a light refreshment before dinner at 8 at a nearby seaside taverna. Most of the team is in bed by 9:30, ready for the next day.19279-_mg_8764

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