Week Two: Eleon, Thebes, Athens

Soon this blog will be updated by our students. This entry will provide an update on our excavations at Eleon, report on a great celebration for the Thebes Museum, and a note the conference in Athens where results of our work was presented.


The second week of excavations went very well. More progress is made to uncover the important remains of the Blue Stone Structure. The complex is quite large, extending toward the north and east. We revealed a heavy packing layer of rubble fill that was most likely part of the earthen mound erected over the structure. For greater visibility and to understand better the architecture we unfortunately had to remove a tree onsite as well. Our very helpful and enthusiastic neighbor, Mr. Panagiotis, happily cut it down and was glad to have the valuable firewood.

Thebes Museum

New Thebes Museum Opening 7 June 2016

On Tuesday, a few senior staff members attended an opening celebration of the New Thebes Museum. The president of Greece was in attendance along with several other very distinguished guests. Our colleagues, and the Thebes Museum Director, Dr. Alexandra Charami hosted the event and kindly acknowledged our successful collaboration at ancient Eleon in her speech. Below shows EBAP team members attending the Thebes Museum opening and viewing jewelry mould from ancient Eleon, among other finds, now on display.

On Saturday, Bryan Burns and Brendan Burke attended the 40th Anniversary Conference of the Canadian Institute in Greece. This two day event was well-organized and highlighted the wide range of work by Canadian scholars working in Greece. Excavations at ancient Eleon were featured in two talks, one focused on the Bronze Age remains and another on the Archaic and Classical material. After the conference, speakers and guests were invited to a great dinner under the Athenian Acropolis.


2016 EBAP Group in Dilesi


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